Poems not in Wiersze Wybrane. Pages from Dziela 1-2
Halina Poświatowska (English translations + Polish originals):



Halina Poswiatowska canon in translation.  Dziela I 85. / DZIELA I and II
not in _Wiersze Wybrane_ (Selected Poems), Jan Zych ed. / DRAFT2

		The Moment

		A crooked shadow in the mirror.
		A gentle line of leg under a slender tight skirt.
		I raise.  My legs.  A kingdom of gamuts and colors.
		You played for me and on thin paper averting eyes
		you crew the backdrop.  For the moon and for my mouth.
		Colorfully predatory.  You slid between me and
		the moon.
		There was nothing.  There was the night.  Bent over us.
		Praying out loud to the suddenly fixed stars.
		The sky stopped -- stopped above us.  A gentle line
		of mouth.

			Halina Poswiatowska d. 11 October 1967
			translated from the Polish
			by Marek Lugowski marek@enteract.com
			27 March 2000 Chicago


		Krzywy cien/ w lustrze.
		L/agodny zarys nogi pod wa/ska/ opie/ta/ spo/dnica/.
		Unosze/.  Moje nogi.  Kro/lestwo gam i koloro/w.
		Gral/es/ dla mnie i na cienkim papierze odwro/ciwszy
		oczy narysowal/es/ tl/o.  Dla ksie/z/yca i dla moich ust.
		Kolorowo drapiez/ne.  Osuna/les/ sie/ pomie/dzy mnie
		i ksie/z/yc.
		Nie byl/o nic.  Byl/a noc.  Pochylona nad nami.  Mod-
		la/ca sie/ na gl/os do nieruchomych nagle gwiazd.
		Niebo stanel/o -- stane/l/o nad nami.  L/agodny zarys

Halina Poswiatowska, _Dziela, Poezja 1 and 2_ (_The Works, Poetry 1 and 2_),
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow: 1997.  Source language: Polish.

Copyright Information Data (CID):
	Copyright by Teresa M. Pore/bska and Zbigniew Myga
	Copyright by Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krako/w 1997

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