Poems not in Wiersze Wybrane. Pages from Dziela 1-2
Halina Poświatowska (English translations + Polish originals):



Halina Poswiatowska canon in translation.  Dziela I 162. / DZIELA 1-2
(poems not in _Wiersze Wybrane_ (Selected Poems), Jan Zych ed. / DRAFT2)

		untitled (***in order to intuit)

		in order to intuit
		the dance inherent in a root
		he excavated it from the earth
		for a month

		with a tool of metal
		that kills
		he shook off the earth
		until the tool became
		a heart
		made narrow from fear

		still only a name
		and the form
		which when finished
		in a concentrated existence
		is easier to name
		than a tree

		        Halina Poswiatowska d. 11 October 1967
		        translated from the Polish
		        by Marek Lugowski marek@enteract.com
		        15 October 2002 Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada


		aby tan/ca
		domys/lic/ sie/ w korzeniu
		wydobywal/ go z ziemi

		narze/dziem z metalu
		kto/ry us/mierca
		otrza/snal/ ziemie/
		az/ mu zostal/o
		wa/skim z przestrachu

		jeszcze tylko nazwa
		a forme/
		kto/ra skon/czona
		w skupionym istnieniu
		l/atwiej nazwac/
		niz/ drzewo

Halina Poswiatowska, _Dziela, Poezja 1 and 2_ (_The Works, Poetry 1 and 2_),
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow: 1997.  Source language: Polish.

Copyright Information Data (CID):
        Copyright by Teresa M. Pore/bska and Zbigniew Myga
        Copyright by Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krako/w 1997

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