Poems not in Wiersze Wybrane. Pages from Dziela 1-2
Halina Poświatowska (English translations + Polish originals):



Halina Poswiatowska canon in translation.  Dziela I 178. / DZIELA 1-2
(poems not in _Wiersze Wybrane_ (Selected Poems), Jan Zych ed. / DRAFT2)

		Arabian Motif

		she bought him at the market for ten piasters
		he had green eyes -- that gaze
		she had tiny dancing hands
		predatory when ripping open the canvas
		in order to get at a handful of red piasters
		his shirt was open his chest dark
		she bought him at the market
		with furrowed brow she led her retinue home
		she looked only once
		she bought him at the market
		ten red piasters rolled into the grimy hand of the trader
		he had green eyes -- that mouth
		she liked to sit at his feet and bite a stalk of grass

		        Halina Poswiatowska d. 11 October 1967
		        translated from the Polish
		        by Marek Lugowski marek@enteract.com
		        2 March 2003 Chicago, Illinois

		Arabski motyw

		kupil/a go na targu za dziesie/c/ piastro/w
		mial/ zielone oczy -- patrzyl/
		mial/a tan/cza/ce drobne dl/onie
		drapiez/ne gdy rozrywal/y pl/o/tno
		aby wydobyc/ gars/c/ czerwonych piastro/w
		mial/ otwarta/ koszule/ piersi ciemne
		kupil/a go na targu
		ze zmarszczonym czol/em prowadzila w orszaku
		                                     do domu
		spojrzal/a tylko raz
		kupil/a go na targu
		dziesie/c/ czerwonych piastro/w potoczyl/o sie/
		                            do brudnej re/ki kupca
		mial/ zielone oczy -- usta
		lubil/a siedziec/ u jego no/g i gryz/c/ z/dz/bl/o trawy

Halina Poswiatowska, _Dziela, Poezja 1 and 2_ (_The Works, Poetry 1 and 2_),
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow: 1997.  Source language: Polish.

Copyright Information Data (CID):
        Copyright by Teresa M. Pore/bska and Zbigniew Myga
        Copyright by Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krako/w 1997

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