Poems not in Wiersze Wybrane. Pages from Dziela 1-2
Halina Poświatowska (English translations + Polish originals):



Halina Poswiatowska canon in translation.  Dziela I 267. / DZIELA 1-2
(poems not in _Wiersze Wybrane_ (Selected Poems), Jan Zych ed. / DRAFT2)

		untitled (***he knocked on the smile's door)

		he knocked on the smile's door
		and the smile answered -- I'm here
		he pulled the unruly ear
		of the night that fought with the wind
		he whispered in the night's ear
		words that danced on the wind
		his smile gilded her body
		martyred by the dusk
		and so she got up
		naked and suddenly golden
		to dip the stars' sharp fingernails
		in his pulsating throat
		drawing blood
		        Halina Poswiatowska d. 11 October 1967
		        translated from the Polish
		        by Marek Lugowski marek@enteract.com
		        7 October 2004 Chicago, Illinois


		zapukal/ do us/miechu
		i us/miech odpowiedzial/ -- jestem
		pocia/gna/l/ za niesforne ucho
		skl/o/cona/ z wiatrem noc
		naszeptal/ w uszy nocy
		sl/o/w tan/cza/cych na wietrze
		us/miechem pozl/ocil/
		jej ume/czone zmierzchem cial/o
		wie/c wstal/a
		naga i nagle zl/ota
		z/eby zagl/e/bic/ gwiazd ostre paznokcie
		w jego pulsuja/cym gardle
		do krwi

Halina Poswiatowska, _Dziela, Poezja 1 and 2_ (_The Works, Poetry 1 and 2_),
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow: 1997.  Source language: Polish.

Copyright Information Data (CID):
        Copyright by Teresa M. Pore/bska and Zbigniew Myga
        Copyright by Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krako/w 1997

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