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Halina Poświatowska (Poswiatowska) poem texts (English + Polish):

Wiersze Wybrane: 1 poem per file, English in ASCII followed by the Polish original encoded in Latin ISO 2.

Wiersze Wybrane In Translation: Poems directories (complete)

Dziela I & II pages: 1 poem per file, English in ASCII followed by Polish original in ASCII (a ogonek = a/ ).

Dziela 1 and 2 In Translation: The remaining canon (work in progress)

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Help with setting up your browser for Polish fonts:

You may need to set up your machine to view ISO Latin 2 encoded text to see the Polish letters correctly in the original texts that accompany my translations. The translations are in files where each filename is the page number of the original source. See the HalinaFAQ for more information (in English and Polish).

You may need to install a font that enables your computer to correctly render the Polish letters. The info-help directory contains a free TFF file and two Macintosh MacBinary fonts. Once you install the fonts, you may have to set your browser's Preferences (or Internet Options) to make its ISO Latin 2 or ISO Central European text encoding use these fonts.

Newer Windows (XP, 2000) may not need any set up, or you may have to install international font support for Central European languages. For older Windows (98 and older), the following link may be of help:
The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages,
Windows Central and East European Fonts and Keyboard Drivers

Here is a catch-all resource page for ISO Central European character set and links to fonts for different computers: Latin 2 Fonts

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