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Halina Poswiatowska (English translations + Polish originals):

PalatinoCE.bin is a MacBinary-format file containing a Central European font for the Macintosh, for viewing the Polish ISO Latin 2 characters correctly on the Mac web browsers.

Similarly, izyfont/ is a directory containing a free Microsoft Windows True Type Font for ISO Latin 2 character encoding as a TTF file and as a MacBinary. As TTF it is useful on True Type font-serving unix/linux.

The ASCII (plain text) file contents-index-by-page is the page-to-title index for the Wiersze Wybrane (DRAFT2) portion of this translation project (with the correction of splicing the poem that was wrongly broken up in Wiersze Wybrane into p. 378 and p. 379; p. 379 no longer exists in this collection, and neither does it in this index).

See Dziela 1 and 2 In Translation: The remaining canon (work in progress) for the complete index of the entire project, the already translated poems beyond the finished Wiersze Wybrane and its currently worked-on poem.

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